In which order must documents containing classified information be marked

The order in which documents containing classified information must be marked is: Portion markings, banner markings, classification authority block. s Log in for more information In which order must documents containing classified information be marked? Asked by Brent Jenkins. 0 1 2. See Answer. Top Answer . Anonymous Answered . 2020-10-15 03:20:20. portion markings,banner. In which order must documents containing classified information be marked? Portion markings, banner markings, classification authority block . What information do security classification guides (SCG) provide about systems, plans, programs, projects, or missions? all of the above. Requests for waivers and exceptions must identify the specific provision or provisions of the _____for which the.

Marking Originally Classified Information Original classification is an initial determination made by an original classification authority (OCA) that . information requires, in the interest of national security, protection against unauthorized disclosure. Standard markings are required for all documents that contain originally classified information. The information i in which order must documents containing classified information be marked? portion markings,banner markings, classified authority block . In what section of a MSDS would you find markings required. If any Automated Information System (AIS) hard drives or media are found to contain working papers or documents, the automated documents must be marked and handled in the same manner as hard copy documents. If an entire AIS media storage device (tapes, diskettes, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.) contains classified documents or data that are being treated as a working documents - then each.

in which order must documents contain classified information

  1. Classified national security information in the electronic environment shall be: (1) Subject to all requirements of the Order. (2) Marked with proper classification markings to the extend that such marking is practical, including portion marking, overall classification
  2. Executive Order 13526. The unauthorized disclosure of this type of information could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to our national security. Secret. Who has responsibility for the overall policy direction of the Information Security Program?-Director of the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) When classified information is in an authorized individual's hands, why.
  3. ary documents must be handled and destroyed as classified information.
  4. e that its release would cause damage to national security. Only information that falls into at least one of eight categories can be eligible for classification. These categories are defined by Executive Order 13526. They include military plans, weapon

in which order must documents containing classified

  1. ation control markings are used, they are separated by a comma and no spaces, except that multiple SCI controls are separated by a single forward.
  2. Every classified document (except those containing Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data) must be marked on the face of the document with a Declassify on line, with instructions concerning the declassification of the information in the document. The Declassify on line shall be completed according to the following rules
  3. Documents with nuclear information covered under the Atomic Energy Act will be marked with a classification level (confidential, secret or top secret) and a restricted data or formerly restricted data marking. Nuclear information as specified in the act may inadvertently appear in unclassified documents and must be reclassified when discovered
  4. This is an example of a document that is derivatively classified. It contains the essential markings required under the Order including portion marking, overall classification, identifies the source document of classification, and how long it can be classified: Even classified information in electronic form (soft copy) must be marked.

Find In Which Order Must Documents Containing Classified Information Be Marked? related websites on ipaddress.com. IPAddress.com The Best IP Address Tools What Is My IP : (a) General. Classified national security information in the electronic environment shall be: (1) Subject to all requirements of the Order. (2) Marked with proper classification markings to the extent that such marking is practical, including portion marking, overall classification, Classified By, Derived From, Reason for classification (originally classified information only. Classified information is material that a government body deems to be sensitive information that must be protected. Access is restricted by law or regulation to particular groups of people with the necessary security clearance and need to know, and mishandling of the material can incur criminal penalties.. A formal security clearance is required to view or handle classified documents or to.

Protected and classified information must be marked, as a minimum, according to the standards detailed in this manual. Marking. Organizations are required to implement the following procedures for marking information: for protected information, mark the word PROTECTED in the upper right corner of the face of the document and where required, with the letter A, B or C to indicate the. J. Classified information shall not be discussed on non-secure telephones. Talking around is a dangerous practice and does not provide adequate protection to classified national security information. K. Notes, rough drafts, informal working papers, and other preliminary documents must be handled and destroyed as classified information. This. When FOUO information is contained within a classified document, the same rules apply except that full pages that contain FOUO information but no classified information shall be marked FOR. Other copiers in the organization that are not approved for classified document reproduction must also be marked to alert users of the prohibition against making classified copies. Check #3. Unless the copier can be properly purged of all classified data or images after each use for classified - it must be housed in an area approved for open storage of classified material. Be aware that many. markings are required for all documents that contain originally classified information. The information is to be shown using these marking elements: banner lines, portion marks, agency, office of origin, date of origin, and classification authority block (OCA or derivative). The overall process for properly marking a document requires the classifier to: • Identify the classification level of.

Paper documents must be marked with a Banner Marking and a CUI Designation Indicator. Agencies may choose to use Portion Markings (e.g. marking each paragraph's Classification like we do in Classified environments) but they are not required by NARA. 1. Banner Marking consists of CUI Control Marking, CUI Category Marking, and Limited Dissemination control markings. The CUI Control Marking. • For documents containing information classified at more than one level, the overall classification marking in the banner line must be the highest level. SECRET//NOFORN (U) This is an Unclassified portion marked for training purposes only. (C) This is a Confidential portion marked for training purposes only. (S//NF) This is a Secret NOFORN portion Control Marking. It is marked for training. Export-controlled information must be controlled as sensitive information and marked accordingly. A Marking Export-Controlled Information. All documents that contain export-controlled technical data must be marked with the following warning: WARNING - This document contains technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C., Sec 2751, et seq.) or the. GENERAL MARKING REQUIREMENTS Classified documents and material must be clearly and conspicuously marked. Special markings, such as LIMDIS and Restricted Data, are normally placed near the classification markings. These markings inform and warn recipients of the classification assigned and indicate the level of protection required. These markings also identify the information that must be.

markings are required for all documents that contain originally classified information. The information is to be shown using these marking elements: banner lines, portion marks, agency, office of origin, date of origin, and classification authority block (OCA or derivative). The overall process for properly marking a document requires the classifier to: • Identify the classification level of. (See the grey box below for a listing of the categories.) The categories must be listed in the order Documents containing Foreign Government Information shall carry an overall classification level of either the U.S. classification or the U.S. equivalent of the FGI classification, whichever is higher. Each interior page of a classified document shall be marked at the top and bottom either. Classified information in the United Kingdom is a system used to protect information from intentional or inadvertent release to unauthorised readers. The system is organised by the Cabinet Office and is implemented throughout central and local government and critical national infrastructure.The system is also used by private sector bodies that provide services to the public sector

The portions of the document that contain foreign classified information shall be identified and marked to identify the classification level and the country of origin. No U.S. document shall be downgraded below the highest level of foreign government information contained in the document, nor shall it be declassified without the written approval of the foreign government that originated the. The properly marked source document contains some Secret information. Your new document does not contain that same information. However, the information in your new document will allow a reader to deduce the classified information. If the first half of the course is one hour long, it follows that the second half would be the same length — one. There is a formula for granting access to classified information. In order to have authorized access to classified information, an individual must have national security eligibility and a need-to-know the information, and must have executed a Standard Form 312, also known as SF-312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement You must safeguard this information or documents all the times. If this information get lost, disclosed or get compromised for any reason from you, you will be held accountable for it and may be persecuted according to the law of your local or state laws. Normally, when you join a job that requires you to handle with classified information, your supervisor or security office will brief you.

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document contains SSI, every page of the document must be marked with the SSI header and footer shown at left (as defined by Federal regulation 49 C.F.R. part 1520.13). Alteration of the footer is not authorized. Ì Use an SSI cover sheet on all SSI materials. Ì Electronic presentations (e.g., PowerPoint) should be marked with the SSI header on all pages and the SSI footer on the first and. You must safeguard this information at all times to prevent loss or compromise and unauthorized disclosure, dissemination, or duplication. Unauthorized disclosure of classified material is punishable under the Federal Criminal Statutes or organizational policies. Your security officer or supervisor will brief you on the specific rules for handling classified information that apply to your. Classified National Security Information AS REQUIRED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER 13526, CLASSIFIED NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION DECEMBER 29, 2009, AND I 32 CFR PART 2001, ISOO IMPLEMENTING DIRECTIVE JUNE 25, 2010 DECEMBER 2010 Revision 4, January 2018 This document is UNCLASSIFIED. Any classification I markings are for training use only (5) Documents shall be transmitted in a method approved for classified information, unless this method is waived by the originating government. (e) Third-country transfers. The release or disclosure of foreign government information to any third-country entity must have the prior consent of the originating government if required by a treaty, agreement, bilateral exchange, or other obligation

documents containing that information as required by The Atomic Energy Act and 10 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 1045, Nuclear Classification and Declassification §1045.35 . 4 . Not the Purpose . This briefing does not authorize you to classify or declassify documents containing RD or FRD. Additional training is required to classify documents containing RD or FRD or identify RD or FRD. If it is determined that the filed material does contain classified information, the classified information security officer must ensure that it is marked with the appropriate classification markings. If it is determined that the filed material does not contain classified information, it should be unsealed and placed in the public record. Upon the request of the government, the court may. For e-mails, the highest classification level represented in the e-mail (documents may contain different information that is classified at different levels) must appear at the top and bottom of the text. In addition, each portion of the text - for example, each paragraph - must be marked with a symbol designating the classification level for that portion. There also must be a. (U) Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information (U) Sec.1.6.(c) states: With respect to each classified document, the agency originating the document, shall, by marking or other means, indicate which portions are classified, with the applicable classification level, and which portions are unclassified and unclassified, must be properly marked in accordance with EO 12958 and amended orders. • Improperly marked information sent via the SIPRNET may cause compromise and mishandling of classified information • Unmarked documents sent via the SIPRNET may not be used for derivative classification • If you receive information that is not.

(a) General. Information classified derivatively on the basis of source documents or classification guides shall bear all markings prescribed in § 2001.20 and § 2001.21, except as provided in this section.Information for these markings shall be carried forward from the source document or taken from instructions in the appropriate classification guide a. Classified information must be uniformly and conspicuously marked in order to leave no doubt about the classified status of the information, the level of protection required, and the duration of the classification. b. On the face of each originally classified document, regardless of media, the original classification authority (OCA) must.

What markings are required for classified information

classified information created after September 22, 2003, shall not deviate from the prescribed formats. Markings shall be uniformly and conspicuously applied to leave no doubt about the classified status of the information, the level of protection required, and the duration of classification. Since a booklet of this size cannot illustrate every conceivable situation, please refer to ISOO. Commingling RD and FRD with Information Classified under the Order 35 . Transmittal Document 36 . SECTION 4 - Examples 39 . SECTION 5 - Quick Reference 47 . Summary of Changes 51. Executive Order (E.O.) 13526 and its implementing directive, 32 CFR Part 2001, prescribe a uniform security classification system. This system requires that standard markings be applied to classified information. ℹ️ Find In Which Order Must Documents Containing Classified Information Be Marked Portion Markings related websites on ipaddress.com. IPAddress.com The Best IP Address Tools What Is My IP : Information marked for an indefinite duration of classification under predecessor orders, for example, marked as ''Originating Agency's Determination Required,'' or classified information that contains incomplete declassification instructions or lacks declassification instructions shall be declassified in accordance with part 3 of this order. Sec. 1.6. Identification and Markings. (a. It is common for written documents to contain information that is classified at different levels, including unclassified information. Individual paragraphs are marked to indicate the level of.

Classified Working Papers are properly marked, destroyed

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Boxes or cartons containing such information must be taped closed and the destination address verified before being sent. Must be e-mailed in accordance with the eMail and Other Electronic Communications policy. Documents must be properly marked prior to faxing them. 030658 (01-2. Information Classification Requirements Distribution Requirements (MAY ONLY BE DISTRIBUTED WHEN REQUIREMENTS ARE. The classified information cannot be marked as requiring prior authorization for dissemination to another department or agency. The marking ORCON may be used to identify information requiring prior authorization for dissemination to another department or agency. The document was created on or after June 27, 2010. If documents were created before June 27, 2010, they may not be. For Official Use Only (FOUO) And Similar Designations. For Official Use Only (FOUO) is a document designation, not a classification. This designation is used by Department of Defense and a number of other federal agencies to identify information or material which, although unclassified, may not be appropriate for public release GeneraL Classified information no longer needed shall be processed for appropriate disposition. Classified information approved for destruction shall be destroyed in accordance with this Section. The method of destruc-tion must preclude recognition or reconstruction of the classified information or material. a. AI1 classified material received or generated in the performance of a classified.

Classified information is that which a government or agency deems sensitive enough to national security that access to it must be controlled and restricted. For example, I dealt with information. For highly classified or caveated information (such as TOP SECRET information or accountable material), it is critical to maintain an auditable register (such as a Classified Document Register) of all incoming and outgoing information and material, transfers or copying, along with regular spot check audits. Personnel can conduct spot check audits by sighting documents listed in the register. Similarly, documents that contain the same information but which are not identical must be provided. Completeness - the search for an individual's personal information must be thorough, accurate and comprehensive as the manner in which the search was conducted is subject to investigation. The following are examples of ways in which searches. Sensitive Security Information (SSI) is a category of sensitive but unclassified information under the United States government's information sharing and control rules, often used by TSA and CBP.SSI is information obtained in the conduct of security activities whose public disclosure would, in the judgment of specified government agencies, harm transportation security, be an unwarranted. (e) Information marked for an indefinite duration of classification under predecessor orders, for example, Originating Agency's Determination Required, or information classified under predecessor orders that contains no declassification instructions shall be declassified in accordance with Part 3 of this order. Sec. 1.7

Properly marked source document Security Classification Guide (SCG) Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information DoD 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program Operating. In areas containing SIPRNet assets - Check to ensure that classified documents, information system (IS) equipment and removable media that is not under the direct personal control and observation of an authorized person is guarded or stored in a locked security container (GSA approved safe), vault, secure room, collateral classified open storage area or SCIF with protection equal to or. The franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a legal disclosure document that must be given to individuals interested in buying a U.S. franchise as part of the pre-sale due diligence process. The.

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appropriate for that information shall be applied in order to maximize the dissemination, discovery, and retrieval of information. g. Each section, part, paragraph, or similar portion (including the title and metadata) of a document containing classified intelligence information shall be marked to reflect the highest level of classification for that portion, or to reflect that the portion is. Acceptable Terminology and Methods for MarkingEvery article of foreign origin entering the United States must be legibly marked with the English name of the country of origin unless an exception from marking is provided for in the law. SPECIAL NOTE: This webpage is strictly about marking of country of origin on U.S. imports and is for general information purposes only Packages containing radioactive material must be marked with a gross mass if greater than 50 kg (110 lb) must have its gross mass including the unit of measurement marked on the outside of the package. Type A packages must have the international vehicle registration code of the origin of the design. If designed in the United States, th

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(3) Documents created prior to the effective date of this order shall not be disseminated outside any other agency to which they have been made available without the consent of the originating agency. An agency head or senior agency official may waive this requirement for specific information that originated within that agency. (4) For purposes of this section, the Department of Defense shall. required documents, unfolded, must be submitted to the clerk's office in a sealed envelope marked HIGHLY SENSITIVE DOCUMENT. The outside of the envelope must be affixed with a copy of the proposed HSD's caption page (with any confidential information redacted) and with a copy of the notice of electronic filing generated from CM/ECF upon the filing of the motion to treat the document. document security 21 1. classification and reclassification of documents 21 2. access to classified information 24 3. handling of classified documents 25 4. transmitting documents by means of facsimile 27 5. transmitting documents by computer 28 6. dispatching classified documents by courier 28 7. dispatching classified documents by mail 29 8. Classified information, whether marked or unmarked, posted on public websites, blogged, tweeted or otherwise made available, remains classified and shall be treated as such by EPA employees and contractors until it is declassified by an appropriate original classification authority. EPA employees and contractors shall never deliberately access classified information on an unclassified.

Medicines must include a patient information leaflet (PIL) if the label does not contain all the necessary information. See best practice guidance on the labelling and packaging of medicines This document is a revision of an earlier document published in July 2001 as MEDDEV 2.4/1 rev 8. It includes information pertaining to the changes in classification resulting from the amending and implementing Directives issued since the last revision of this document in 2001, including derogation of th Basic Information About Made In USA Claims Must U.S. content be disclosed on products sold in the U.S.? On its purchase order, a company states: Our company requires that suppliers certify the percentage of U.S. content in products supplied to us. If you are unable or unwilling to make such certification, we will not purchase from you. Appearing under this statement is the sentence, We. contained in the overpack must be properly packed, marked, labelled and in proper condition as required by the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. The overpack must not contain packages enclosing different substances which might react dangerously with each other or packages of dangerous goods which require segregation according to Table 9.3.A. In addition, packages containing UN 3090, lithium. must be used and marked with a UN specification mark. An itemized list of contents must be enclosed between the secondary packaging and the outer packaging, and the secondary package secured with cushioning material. Labeling outer package: 1. UN 2814: Infectious substance, affecting humans 2. Infectious substance label for category A infectious substances 3 . Name, address, and.

When used within the context of a requirement under a contract, statements in this document containing shall are used for binding requirements that must be verified and have an accompanying method of verification; will is used as a statement of fact, declaration of purpose, or expected occurrence; and should denotes an attribute or best practice which must be addressed by the system design. USB drives and other removable portable media devices should be treated the same as any unclassified or classified document they must be marked and safeguarded IAW with regulations and unit SOP other specimens containing or suspected of containing infectious substances must be shipped according to applicable government, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations. For the purposes of this guide, clinical samples are generally defined as non-infectious human or animal materials including, but not limited to, excreta. The module setup information contains the following sections: Setting up Sales Order Processing default entries. Setting up currency decimal places for non-inventoried items. Setting up taxes and options. Setting up document numbers. Setting up user-defined fields. Setting up process holds. Selecting a pricing method. Enabling extended pricing. Setting up advanced picking. Setting up Sales.

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provisions of the Directive in order to ensure compliance with the Directive [s requirements. However, the Is any equipment that contains photovoltaic cells, modules or panels a photovoltaic panel under category 4 of Annex I of the Directive? 9 3.12. 2Can any equipment featuring screens larger than 100cm be considered as falling under category 2 of Annex III? 9 3.13. Does all lighting equ I. General Information: Hazardous materials and hazardous waste containers and storage areas shall be marked in order to identify their contents and the hazard(s) posed by them. This document is intended to supplement OSHA and DOT requirements for maintaining identification and hazard labels on containers and requirements of the Nationa The constructor will throw a NullPointerException if any of the parameters intended for the fields marked with @NonNull contain null. The order of the parameters match the order in which the fields appear in your class. @AllArgsConstructor generates a constructor with 1 parameter for each field in your class. Fields marked with @NonNull result in null checks on those parameters. Each of these. Executive Order 12958, as amended - Classified National Security Information Executive Order 12968 - Access to Classified Information Director of Central Intelligence Directive No 6/4 DoD 5200.1-R, DoD Information Security Program DoD 5200.2-R, DoD Personnel Security Program DoDD 5205.2, DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Progra The Reading Order tool provides the easiest and quickest way to fix reading order and basic tagging problems. When you select the tool, a dialog box opens that lets you see overlay highlights that show the order of page content. Each highlighted region is numbered and highlighted with gray or colored blocks; the number indicates the region's placement in the page's reading order

To get the most out of your documented information process, it must communicated to ensure that staff and other users of the documentation information understand what they must do in order to manage that information effectively and efficiently. Demonstrate the organization's arrangements for controlling documented information required by ISO 9001 and your organizations own requirements, including classified information in order to perform a lawful and authorized function. Such person shall possess an appropriate security clearance and access approvals in accordance with Executive Orders 12958, as amended, and 12968, as well as DCID 6/4. I. Senior Agency Official is the official designated by the agency head under section 5.4(d) of E.O. 12958, as amended, who directs and administers the. Documents containing PII may also be placed in a burn bag for destruction. Ensure all hard drives are degaussed, properly marked, and accounted for prior to turn in. Do not discard documents with PII in trash or recycle bins. Destroy DLA records in accordance with the DLA Records Schedul

While any new or replacement products must come from the SEEPL, products already in place, specified or ordered prior to 1 March 2015 do not require immediate replacement. Contact us if more information is required. For details on getting a product in the SEEPL visit the Getting a product in the SEEPL page. Obtaining a copy of the SEEPL. The SEEPL is protectively marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. necessary when confidential information must be removed from a document before final publication. Problems can arise when editors use an improper method such as trying to obscure information rather than deleting it, or if they are unaware of sensitive metadata in a document. They can find out, too late, that the information can later be extracted from the document. Documents are typically. All hazardous (classified) locations must be properly documented. The documentation must be available to those who are authorized to design, install, inspect, maintain, or operate the electrical equipment. Author's Comment: n Proper documentation of hazardous areas assists the designer, installer, and authority having jurisdiction in ensur-ing compliance with the stringent requirements.

For example, if a document contains the sentence, The fox ate the chicken, its ranking would be high because the terms are closer to one another than in other documents. For more information about generic proximity terms, see Search for Words Close to Another Word with NEAR. <custom_proximity_term> Applies to: SQL Server 2012 (11.x) and later For example, an NDA may require that in order for information to qualify as confidential information, it must be identified as such in writing at the time of disclosure, and if the disclosure is. To determine if a PDF document should be an interactive form, examine the file for the presence of form fields, or areas in the document where users are asked to provide information that you would like to collect. If the form contains these qualities, the document can be made electronically fillable, allowing users to complete the form online. Many people with disabilities can fill out. (SAM) and must have created a Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN) in the SAM profile to access this information. Background: Past performance information is relevant information, for future source selection purposes, regarding a contractor's actions under previously awarded contracts or orders

shipping papers, emergency response information, and placards. These steps communicate the hazard to the shipper, the carrier, and the driver. 9.1.3 - Assure Safe Drivers and Equipment In order to get a hazardous materials endorsement on a CDL, you must pass a written test about transporting hazardous materials. To pass the test 1. Each payroll must contain the following information: a. Worker's name, and identifying number (e.g. last four digits of social security number) must be shown on all payrolls. b. Correct classification must be shown and must be a classification listed in the wage decision issued for the project Confidentiality . If the document is confidential, it must be excluded from production. For example, if a document discusses a trade secret, such as the recipe for a candy manufacturer's signature chocolate bar, the legal team is not obligated to turn it over to opposing parties.The document reviewer will analyze the document to determine if it contains confidential information You can use the CE marking if you're placing certain goods on the UK or EU market until 1 January 2022. This page will be updated if anything changes. CE marking does not mean that a product was. Information technology teams must plan appropriately not just for their company's current needs but also this future growth. Mobile and wireless usages: IT network administrators must now support a wide array of smartphones and tablets in addition to traditional PCs and workstations

Government records are public in order to enable citizens to monitor their government and to ensure accountability in a democratic society. The challenge to policymakers is to balance the public's right to information with the individual's right to privacy. Virtually every major change in life is recorded somewhere in a government document. Shortly after you are born, a birth certificate is. If you're asked to verify or add to information you entered on your Marketplace application, you'll get notices (letters, emails, or both) telling you which documents to submit. You may get a notice from your health insurance company too. See what to do if you can't find your notice. Your notice. Tax Information held by external government agencies. Publication 1075 (September 2016) i Changes for September 2016 Revision This publication revises and supersedes Publication 1075 (October 2014) and is effective September 30, 2016. Feedback for Publication 1075 is highly encouraged. Please send any comments to . SafeguardReports@irs.gov. Following are the highlighted changes: 1) Editorial.

Question 1-5: What information must a domestic relations order contain to qualify as a QDRO under ERISA?..... Question 1-6: Are there other requirements that a domestic relations order must meet to be a QDRO?..... Question 1-7: May a QDRO be part of the divorce decree or property settlement?..... Question 1-8: Must a domestic relations order be issued as part of a divorce proceeding to be a. A set of healthcare-related information that is assembled together into a single logical document that provides a single coherent statement of meaning, establishes its own context and that has clinical attestation with regard to who is making the statement. While a Composition defines the structure, it does not actually contain the content: rather the full content of a document is contained in. All 55,000 pages of emails stored on Clinton's homebrew server from her State Department tenure must be released by Jan. 29, according to the order by U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras. CBS. •Generally, the only approach for mixtures containing substances classified for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity or reproductive toxicity, and the only approach for bioaccumulation and biodegradation properties and for hazardous to the ozone layer. •In practice, also for mixtures containing sensitisers. 7 Classification based on ingredients Specific/Generic Concentration Limits/M-factors. The letter should contain the following information: (a) importer name, number, and address; (b) complete description of the goods; (c) location where goods are to be marked; (d) if location is a bonded warehouse, location of warehouse, warehouse licence number, and security number; (e) date by which the marking will be completed; (f) the location where the goods may be verified for compliance. The order, a copy of which has been obtained by the Guardian, requires Verizon on an ongoing, daily basis to give the NSA information on all telephone calls in its systems, both within the US.

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